Of assets and facilities
Facilities and equipment's :

1-The company has 500000 square meters of land devoted to the production and assembly of the largest manufacturers of

automobiles located at 80 km from the capital of Iran, Highway in Tehran and Imam Khomeini International Airport 40 km.

2- 18500 square meter of hangars with a ceiling height of 18 meters with a 16-ton crane between Qom and Tehran 90 km.

3- Showrooms Automobile sales, after-sales services in 20 locations in Iran.

4-one big building in northern of Tehran.

5- The factory of production engine oil Shams Abad Industrial town in Tehran.

6-The biggest license of the private sector for vehicles with a capacity of 155,000 vehicles per year from the Ministry of Industry and

Mines of the Islamic Republic of Iran, explained that the license has granted due to facilities and equipment, including buildings, repair

 shops and exhibitions and also the dynamic management in terms of performance and expert.

7-Cooperate with car maker collection in East of Iran (This factory consists of 2 assembly line automobile and auto parts 20 models in

 land 56 hectares )